I don't know why we work so well together. We're complete and total opposites. Mike loves roller coasters, I cry my eyes out when forced to go on one. I love big leafy salads with yummy dressing, Mike hates most things green and gags on broccoli. I'm an optimist to a fault (think gullible, too trusting) while Mike is the eternal pessimist. I don't mind messy finger paints, jello in the living room, blowing bubbles in your milk...it makes his skin crawl. Mike is the picture of patience...I'm hurry hurry hurry, do it, do it, JUST DO IT.

I write really really fast...he writes the same sentence three times, erases it, types it again, and then closes the window and walks away. He likes spice...I'm more mild. Mike clicks slow, methodical, well thought out...I click wildly, seeing pictures in front of me at all times that I just.have.to.capture. He knows the tech specs on every piece of equipment in the Nikon Product guide, I benefit from being able to USE the equipment he researches. I brainstorm as I fall asleep often whispering some of my greatest ideas to Mike...he falls asleep pretty instantaneously and remembers nothing of our conversations in the morning or dreams he is answering me all while he is snoring loudly in my face.

On your wedding day Mike takes A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. reception pictures...I rock the kiss and the rings. I don't know why my hand fits in his back pocket so well when we're walking down the street, or why the feel of his breath on the back of my neck in the middle of the night puts me back to sleep. I don't know how he knows it has been a long hard day and a steamed vanilla milk is what I need in his hand when he walks through the door. I'm not quite sure how we made the beautiful children that we did...ok, I biologically know HOW we made them...just not why they are so amazing. Some things you just can't explain...

We've been shooting together since one of our first dates back in 2000. Mike was the camera guy. He had to have the latest, greatest, best possible equipment and told me I could use his camera during a spring festival that they had at Wheaton College (we met in Chem class). I blew through 11 rolls of film...he was secretly going crazy watching me click away about $150 in processing...but he kept smiling. He even bought me an awesome album to put all my images in.

On May 29, 2005...we tied the knot. The images from our wedding are not fun, bright, different, creative, amazing...those are the kinds of images we want you to have. On our wedding day we fell in love with weddings--we already loved photography. The rest is history.