With any passion in life it seems as there is always room for growing, learning, and adapting. Mike and I absolutely love photographing weddings, and I think with that in mind we know there is always room to grow technically and artistically--shooting at different venues with different couples keeps our excitement level constantly high. Just as we never would have thought we would be wedding photographers, we even more so never anticipated becoming wedding videographers--and in actuality we aren't, we pride ourselves on making films. In each film we pay close attention to the cinematic details in order to deliver a reel that is closer to what you would see in the movies and less like something that would come out of your family movies. Each film tells a story...not of a wedding, but of a couple. We are storytellers at heart--be it in the linking of pictures throughout the day, or more complexly in this new adventure of Mike and Kate Duval wearing the hat of wedding film makers!

When we are booked for simultaneous photography and video coverage we have a an amazing team that comes in to help us be in a million places all at once...well, maybe more like four places, but when you see the end result we know it will feel like a million!