How many hours should we book?

Good coverage starts with about an hour of "getting ready" pictures and takes us to about 45 minutes to an hour after all of the reception formalities have finished up...toward the end of the night your older guests have gone home and you are basically paying us for blackmail pictures of your inebriated friends...unless, of course, you have some amazing send-off planned, and then, by all means, keep us for the night!

We normally book 6, 8, or 10 hour packages and you can add hours if you need as you finalize your timeline and get a better sense of how the day is going to work.

How long do you need for "posed" pictures?

This is a funny question because I have a couple of different ways I can answer it. I'll explain. I would say 90% of your day we follow you around as you are doing your wedding thing and capture what we essence that is the photojournalistic approach. For the other 10% we are doing "posed" pictures...some of that means the pictures that you know you need of your aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. all lined up and together in one picture...but some of that time is also the time that we get with just the newlyweds doing some of the more fun, romantic, setting-the-scene kissy, huggy, lovey shots (if you're into it). So, if you have a big family and lots of the aforementioned shots on a list we might need an hour or an hour and a half...if you don't have a huge family still want to have a fun, long, relaxing shoot with just the two of you where we can get creative...same amount of time. If you have a super strict timeline and can only give us 45 minutes...we'll take it.

Do you travel?

Lots of couples ask us if we travel and the answer is yes, we have shot weddings in Rhode Island (where we lived when we started our business) capturing weddings at Roger William's Park in Cranston, the beaches and mansions in Newport, all along the Narragansett Coast, at some classy locations in Providence, a tiny little chapel in Westerly, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, a gorgeous church in Los Angeles California and more. We also tend to work in Massachusetts a lot which is nice since we live here! From fun restaurants and huge ballrooms amidst the Boston Skyline to amazing museums in Peabody, Waltham, Lexington, Harvard, Groton, and Gardner to name a few, to the backyards of any old town. We have frequented New Hampshire in places like Portsmouth with an awesome view of the Ocean and up to North Conway and Jackson where we get to capture some pretty amazing mountain views. We've hit Vermont and Maine as far away as Rangeley and as close to home for us as Wells and Kennybunkport. We call New England home and it doesn't stress us out to drive all around our perfect little corner of the map to celebrate your wedding with you. Travel is not limited, though, so if you can dream it you let us know the destination and we'll buy the plane tickets if that's what we need to do!

Do you only shoot weddings?

No! Weddings are a starting point, actually your engagement session is a starting point...we have been know to follow couples through maternity sessions and newborns, to family shoots down the line. Or we've had brides round up their siblings to surprise their parents with a canvas of “the kids” at Christmas. We also shoot high school seniors or other fun events that you can think up like surprise proposals, 40th anniversary parties complete with a visit from Santa and sleigh rides!

Do you have backup equipment?

We do. We carry many lenses of all different focal lengths because we like having the choice...if one goes down we're sad and out some cash, but you don't have to worry because we have others that will do the job. We also always carry an extra camera even though we've never had to use it.

What kind of camera do you have?

We use all Nikon Pro cameras and lenses...and we love them! In our honest opinion it is definitely not the brand of camera in your hand that makes the images, but it certainly helps that we've been shooting Nikon long enough to fly through the menu's and settings quick enough for it not to matter--the best part of knowing your camera is it becomes and extension of you, just another limb or set of eyes that you get to use to create art!

Can we stalk you online?

Please do! Check out our blog at, like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, 500px and Instagram (sorry, lots of our kids and food, I know, I know) and send us a query if you want to know more! We put ourselves out there because we know when we do, you're more likely to let us into your world--that's where we create the images that make us tick and give you memories for life!

How would you describe your style?

We love bright colors, contrast, and amazing light. We mostly stay out of your way during the day, but we are no opposed to putting your bouquet or rings in a place where we can control the background--a true photo journalist wouldn't move anything the day of and would document things as they are. We are photojournalistic in the sense that we let you live your day 90% of the time without direction, following you around making images as they happen. For the other 10% of the day we easily step into the roll of directors--making sure to work quickly with your family and bridal party so we can get to our favorite part of the day--the bride and groom's portraits! So, I would say we are a little photojournalistic mixed with a good amount of fine art and a healthy dollop of fun and laid back!

Which couples do you think are a good fit for your services?

We love working with people who are passionate each other first and foremost, but ranking high up there is well is their passion about the art of photography. We are efficient and will never waste your time, but we do like to have couples who are as excited about the process of making wedding portraits as we are to take them. We feel there is the perfect photographer out there for every couple--kind of like different brand jeans or models of cars--and we're excited to set up a meeting and make sure we're not only all in the same book, but also on the same page in terms of our expectations and yours!

What do you like about being a wedding photographer?

If you had asked Mike and I if we would photograph your wedding when we were in college we would have laughed loudly and a bit obnoxiously...if we determined you were serious we, of course, would have stopped laughing (that's rude!!) and respectfully seemed too high pressure, to fast pased, not something that held either of our attention. Then we got married--and it was the best day of our lives! We had so much fun--looking around seeing the faces of friends and family all there to celebrate your love is more moving than I ever could have imagined. We knew that day that we would start shooting weddings...and I could not think of a business partner that I respect and love working with more than Mike--there is something pretty amazing about being a team both in our marriage, our parenting, our house, and our business.

Do you recomend we give you a list of images to take?

We have shot so many weddings at this point it is like riding a bike--the camera is just an extension of our hands and works exactly as we need it to. That said, you don't want your photographer looking at a list and possibly missing key moments in your day--we tell all of our couples that if it is something that is happening that day (you are walking down the aisle, you'll share a first kiss, you're planning on dancing together at the reception) then it doesn't need to be a on a list--we will be there.

Also, if it is something as simple as a picture with your mom, with your dad, with your mom and dad, add your sister, take away mom and dad....those simple family groupings happen pretty easily since we do them so often. We also always take a moment with you when wrapping up the formals to make sure we haven't missed something you had in mind.

All that said, if you do have a special image in mind that might not jump out at us it is important to let us know--maybe an uncle who is visiting from Alaska is coming and you don't have him playing a special role, but you want to recreate an image you have of the two of you from when you were two and someone captured you sticking your tongues out at each other--we should definitely have a heads up for that one!

If you really really want a list and can't let go, we have you appoint a bossy, I mean organized, aunt or uncle as the family liason who can be in charge of the list and check in with us as the day progresses to make sure we're not missing something you can't live without!

Can we add extra time on the day of the wedding?

You can! It is helpful if we know ahead of time so we can best prepare ourselves and our babysitter, but we know that sometimes things run off schedule a bit and we always check in with you before we leave to make sure you're feeling like our job is complete. Extra hours are $300/hour which covers the time for Mike and I to stay and also the processing of the additional images that we will capture in that time.

How long will it take to have our pictures?

This question has different steps--you will see some your images (as long as we have access to a plug and a little chunk of time) on the day of the wedding! Normally one photographers covers the dinner hour and another takes this time to load up the cards we have shot so far and grab a slide show of favorites to pop on the gift table (or somewhere else nearby!) We feel strongly that you wear the dress, hold the flowers, eat the why wouldn't we want you to leave having seen some of the photographs?

A few days after the wedding we then will post an online slide show which later becomes your "MKD Favorite's Folder" with about 75-100 images that we love from your day.

Around 4 weeks after the wedding we then upload all of your images to an online hosting site which you can share with friends and family--this is a good place to view/share/and organize some of your favorites from the day. You can also order prints and products at this time with the images.

Around three months after the wedding we send you a thumb drive with all of your edited images so you can store them (we recommend uploading them to at least two hard drives and keeping the thumb drive as well) and you are free to make any prints/products with those images. Mike and I feel strongly that you are hiring us to photograph the day and we want you to have the end product from all of our collective (you planning, us shooting) efforts!