If you've come here looking for more work after visiting our website you're crazy....just kidding, you've come to the right place! This is a place where Mike and I can showcase some of our most recent work--if you're here and the last post is from months ago just remember that our priority is always keeping up with our event editing and getting images to our clients on time! Sadly, the blog, while we love it, doesn't always make it to the top of the to-do list. Rest assured, we'll be back, we always are! In the meantime feel free to get in touch via our contact form!

We work with a ton of wedding vendors…caterers, venues, florists, DJs, bands, planners, etc, etc, etc.  Sometimes we’re blown away by just how well one of these vendors performs…and Two Chefs are Better than One Catering not only knocked us on our feet they also blew us across the tent.  They were nice nice nice, professional, timely, caring, compassionate, fun to be around, and MAN the food was beautiful and delicious!  After shooting for 6 hours usually food tastes pretty good, but this food was phenomenal.  I should have known at the house when Amy said that we had to make sure we ate…I assured her that we were usually pretty starving by the time we were at the reception and we were looking forward to it…and then her mom made sure to pull me aside to tell me that they really wanted Mike and I to sit down and eat some of the amazing food when we got there.  I thought they were just uber polite and thoughtful, which they were, but they also knew just how amazing the menu was going to be!  So, our personal thank to Two Chefs for running a very smooth day that ran perfectly on time and for filling our empty bellies so we could push through to the end of the night after a long hot day working! Get ready to drool!

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