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So it’s not actually teal, and it’s not really blue, or blue green…and it’s darker than Tiffany Blue.  So I went to look at “Shades of Blue” on Wikipedia and I decided that the color that Rich and Ashley chose for now, in my book, is just them.  Someone hit me with the name if you have it, but for now, it is Pizzuti Wedding Blue.

So Rich and Ashley are good friends of ours who moved here a few years ago…they invited themselves over came over to talk to us about being married wedding photographers in the Boston area when they first got here and became such a staple in the community quickly that it is like there never was a time without them here!  You might remember them from the blog last year when we shot their e-session. So, they got married this past September and they’re next on the blog list and it is overwhelming to try and pick images.  Ashley made some of the dresses, and so many of the little details, she sewed the table clothes and picked out so many amazing little details that we probably could have been locked in the tent for a week and not been able to capture every little thing.  From birch to copper to the awesome Pizzuti Wedding Blue…to a photo booth, to a camera bar, to a home made dessert display made of out birch…they had an amazing night!

Mike and Tony (Team Yu Photography) shot film for the day and Anna (the other half of the amazing Team Yu Photography) and I did our best to capture stills…I’m sure Tony and Anna will blog their version of the day, and we’ll have the video in the near future…but for now here are some details.  Much more to come!

Blue and Copper Wedding


Reception Details


  • OMG I LOVE the shot with all the dresses! The flower girls are so cute!! 🙂

    (February 2, 2011 at 3:44 pm)
  • These images are gorgeous! The details are so interesting, and the color is beautifully vivid.

    (January 20, 2011 at 3:30 am)