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As promised, here is the film from Maggie and Joey’s wedding–check back one entry for more words and their images!

Maggie & Joey’s Wedding from MKD Photography on Vimeo.

I just typed out everything that I need to blog…there are at least 25 blog posts that I need to start hacking away at.  This season we have 5 more weddings on the books…and then we’re into November!  Sometimes life seems to be moving so fast…and other times I look around and we’re in slow motion.  This is one of those slow motion moments.  It seems like just yesterday that we shot this wedding…in fact it was a year ago.  So much happens in a year.  All year we had plans to come up with a business name for the merging of MKD and Team Yu for films…we did that…Shoot2Tell is the new name for when we combine efforts and make a film!!  We’re going to come up with a web page and a face for the business and all that…but for now…another film!  There is another one in the works, too, from just yesterday…I mean last October!

I’d Marry you Everyday from Michael Duval on Vimeo.


So I put out the teasers for Rich and Ashley’s wedding back in what, December?  It’s been a loooong winter with lots going on, but it’s about time we get you all caught up on the amazing weddings/engagements/shoots that we got to be a part of in 2010 so we can start our 2011 season with a clean slate!

September 26, 2010

We got to be a part of our friends, and fellow wedding photographers, Rich and Ashley Pizzuti’s wedding at The Friendly Crossing in Harvard, MA…when we first met them they were Rich and Ashley “Soon-t0-be” Pizzuti and they were fresh from California where they had gone to Brook’s Institute of Photography and they just wanted to meet local photographers and see what it was like in the Boston Market.  They soon found out that Boston is actually the best place to be a wedding photographer!  There are a whole ton of us who want to shoot about 20-25 weddings a year and there are more than enough weddings to go around for all of us…we all share calendars, share leads, share info and are truly colleagues, not competitors.  So with that first meeting we started a pretty awesome friendship!  Mike and I were honored when they asked us to shoot their wedding…and then Mike and Tony of Team Yu Photography started shooting Event Films and Rich and Ash wanted in on that action so Tony and Anna were on board and we all had a pretty amazing time shooting this wedding…the film component is going to be shared when we launch the new site so keep your eyes on the blog for that!!  I hope that Anna shares some of the awesome images she got of the guys getting ready…but for now here’s my take on the day.  You can also take a peek at our assistant Samantha Bohall’s version of the day over at her blog!

Enough of the words…on with the pictures!

01-Gift for Ashley

02-Mike and the Cat

This picture of Mike shooting film of the cat cracks me up!!


05-The Bride

06-The Flowers


08-First Look

09-First Look 2

10-The Wedding Party

11-Down the Aisle


14-Honey Ceremony
This was an awesome part of the ceremony where they shared honey with each other from their friend’s bee farm!

15-Almost the Kiss



18-Wedding Party

19-Ring Bearer

20-First Dance


22-Kiss Dance

23-Father Daughter Dance

24-Mother Son Dance

25-Glow Sticks

So it’s not actually teal, and it’s not really blue, or blue green…and it’s darker than Tiffany Blue.  So I went to look at “Shades of Blue” on Wikipedia and I decided that the color that Rich and Ashley chose for now, in my book, is just them.  Someone hit me with the name if you have it, but for now, it is Pizzuti Wedding Blue.

So Rich and Ashley are good friends of ours who moved here a few years ago…they invited themselves over came over to talk to us about being married wedding photographers in the Boston area when they first got here and became such a staple in the community quickly that it is like there never was a time without them here!  You might remember them from the blog last year when we shot their e-session. So, they got married this past September and they’re next on the blog list and it is overwhelming to try and pick images.  Ashley made some of the dresses, and so many of the little details, she sewed the table clothes and picked out so many amazing little details that we probably could have been locked in the tent for a week and not been able to capture every little thing.  From birch to copper to the awesome Pizzuti Wedding Blue…to a photo booth, to a camera bar, to a home made dessert display made of out birch…they had an amazing night!

Mike and Tony (Team Yu Photography) shot film for the day and Anna (the other half of the amazing Team Yu Photography) and I did our best to capture stills…I’m sure Tony and Anna will blog their version of the day, and we’ll have the video in the near future…but for now here are some details.  Much more to come!

Blue and Copper Wedding


Reception Details


So it started about 2 years ago…we were bitten by a little bug called DSLR film…actually, Mike was bitten first probably in conjunction with our friends over at Team Yu Photography. I started by mourning a lost partner…I knew that he was going to tackle film like he had photo–absorbing and learning everything he could at all times and I knew he would be good at it. That meant that I was going to have to shoot stills with someone else…but the passion, the love, just the way he talked about film it wasn’t going to be me pouting on the couch that I wanted my shooting partner all to myself that made him stop. I’m glad I didn’t…because now I’ve fallen in love as well, and I’ve fallen hard. Actually we’re not shooting this weekend and all I want to do is crash a big beautiful wedding and make a film…I’m the editor and man does editing film really tickle my need to tell stories (I was a creative writing major at Wheaton when I graduated). So a new era is coming to MKD Photography and Team Yu Photography…and we’ve been dabbling here and there, but for real we are about to jump in. A price list, a contract, a website, a business name…it’s all in the works…and we couldn’t be more excited!

This first video is the first time that we were all together…Anna and I shooting stills, Mike and Tony shooting video. They don’t have all of the equipment they want, but they just wanted to get their feet wet. Sitting down to put it all together I was impressed with what they were able to capture without a Steadicam or a real slider…and I am really really happy to share the wedding of Jess and Jeff with you.

This second wedding was shot the weekend before…and if they didn’t have all that they needed for Jess’s wedding, Mike was really behind for Jamie and Steve’s wedding. He was still a primary photographer for the day, Tony and Anna weren’t with us, and he was squeaking in footage here and there when he could. He was shooting with our Nikon which isn’t nearly as amazing as the Canon…but again, when I sat down to edit this film it came together beautifully…and really just confirmed that the direction we are headed is the right one…if this is what he can accomplish while limping I can’t wait to see what he can do with the right tools and time!

The future for us includes more amazing weddings with couples who have stories to tell–our vision is not to just document the day as a “wedding” but to portray the couple who just happen to be celebrating their wedding day. We’re getting everything we need to make this work–a steadicam is already in Mike’s hands and if he could sleep with it he would. A slider is next up. The Canon equipment comes with an awesome partnership with Team Yu Photography and LensProToGo.com right up the street who makes it easy to not buy equipment right before Nikon is about to launch a whole new line of video capable 1080 cameras. We have the equipment to record sound…the vows, the toasts, the little moments that you just want to hear again. Did I mention I’m excited?! I can’t wait to see where this is going!