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Stone Mountain Arts Center with Ashley & John-

September 30, 2017
Have you ever stumbled upon something amazing that was practically under your nose and you never knew it was there?  For me this year that was the Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, Maine.  I think I need to send Ashley and John a dozen thank you notes for introducing us to this amazing place.  It’s funny because when we were moving up here to North Conway, NH it was in the middle of a pretty intense wedding season and we met this DJ who was telling us all about his condo up at Attitash Mountain and how much he loved working over in Maine at “SMAC” and at the time I had never heard of it.  And then we booked a wedding there and we were super excited to see what this place was all about and we hit 10 levels above and beyond ourexpectations!
First of all, Ashley and John could not be a nicer couple…and with John’s tiny little side kick of a son we were all smile!  Not to mention the wedding was in and of itself an amazing day with such a fun bridal party.  Once you add Stone Mountain Art Center’s awesome planner Hannah into the mix and you realize just what a well oiled machine this place is!  They really have this wedding thing down–the flow of the day was like that moment where all of the pieces of the puzzle just start clicking into place.  No one was rushed or behind or lagging or bored, it really just was supremely perfect timing with one thing flowing into the next and into the next.  I’m pretty sure if we could steal their planner Hannah and bring her to all of our events she’d make the magic where ever she went!
So, I hope you too find yourself at the Stone Mountain Arts Center for a wedding…but if you haven’t been invited to one of those they have a pretty amazing looking concert event calendar!  Enough of the words…you came here for the pictures!
Event Planner – Hannah Babineau with the SMAC  |  Jackie Gardner of Moonset Farm– Florist  |  Vintage Baking Co.– Wedding cake/cupcakes  |  Alexi Lee- Hair and Makeup  |  Rob Riccitelli– DJ


July 10, 2010

We were really excited when we talked to Aria and Michal about booking them for their destination Maine wedding up at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, ME.  It’s funny because they found us through a couple different webs of the word of mouth network and then it happens that Michal grew up in my hometown of Wayland and Aria in Mike’s hometown of Leominster.  The further and further we weave the web of this business the more and more fun we have seeing all of the lines that connect kind of like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon!

As I posted before the weather gods didn’t seem to be on their side since it was a pretty bleak and downpourey kind of day…they had to cancel the sailboat that was to take them from St. Anne’s Chapel and the cocktail hour was brought from the lawn to the porch.  But Aria was so go with the flow and easy going about it all…and it wasn’t until sunset that we figured out that all the rain was worth it because the sunset was just spectacular!

Aria and Michal are adorable and their friends are hilarious and the night was perfect.  It is so fun for us to get to go to new places and shoot where we haven’t shot before and we literally jump at the opportunity!  Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your day you two!!
























July 10, 2010…it was a rainy rainy day.  In fact this is the image I shot out the window on the way to meet the bride at the hair salon:


There were some seriously intense clouds, even one that looked like it was going to turn into a tornado.  Mike and I were listening to the weather, checking the doppler…and the fact of the matter is it didn’t look good for our couple that was planning on going from their church to the reception in a huge sailboat and enjoying a cocktail hour on the lawn.  Frustrating for all involved that the picture they had in their head would be altered and for us that we would go to this amazing location and not get to showcase it…but we captured amazing pictures, umbrellas involved, the bride was very calm about canceling the boat ride knowing that the important part was marrying her best friend…and man…the sunset gods came out to shine on them!! I looked out the window at one point and saw a tiny bit of pink in the sky and Mike and I grabbed Aria and Michal and had them out to see the most amazing sunset I have ever seen in my life….and this is just a sneak peak…much much more to come!


I love how this image screams Maine with the adirondack chairs and the boat on the left and the kayaks on the right and the fog and that light….yea it was awesome.