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Mike met up with Kate and Chris in East Boston–it was almost a fail since the park was closed, but thanks to a nice police officer they were allowed in to get some fun skyline shots!  With a winter wedding coming up with year at the end of December it was fun to aim for a snowy day…and crazy enough the beginning half of the winter was very tricky in the snow department!    Little did we know if we just scheduled an Easter shoot there would have still been snow on the ground!  Love the warm coats, the pop of pink, and most of all their smiles–these two are adorable!  Can’t wait for the wedding day!!!
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October 21, 2012

Amy and Kevin had another gorgeous late fall day in New England for their wedding!  Amy is a doll–I think she made it her mission to smile and make every single guest at the wedding feel like she noticed them, she cared, and she was genuinely so happy that it looked effortless!  You know how you sometimes feel so overwhelmed with all that is happening around you so you get a little serious in trying to soak it all in?  Not Amy!  She was a all smiles all day!  She arrived in style with a whole parade of Corvette’s–her dad even made a custom door guard for when she got into his car so that she didn’t get her dress dirty on the way in!  I also love that in looking for someplace fun to shoot at The Villa we were able to all of a sudden be in the middle of Arizona while shooting their portraits against the awesome stucco wall inside the courtyard reserved for the bridal party–so fun!

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Church: St. Paul’s in Hingham
Reception: The Villa at the Ridder Country Club
Coordinator: Katelyn Hill from the Villa
Cake: Montillio’s Bakery in Quincy
Flowers: Kelly Dolloff from Artistic Blossoms
DJ: Dan McCarthy from Boston DJ
Hair/Makeup: Zona Salon

October 20, 2012

Amy and Chris had another amazing fall day for a wedding in Boston–we really lucked out this season with gorgeous weather all around!  We met up with them for some awesome getting ready fun at the Intercontinental Waterfront Hotel in Boston where they had a super fun first look at the base of a very long escalator!  It was the perfect place to walk around for their formals and get a lot of different fun looks all within seconds of each other–and the background of the super reflective angularly amazing hotel would be worth it even without all of the other areas around it!  Amy was really excited about hailing a cab over to Les Zygomates where they would have their ceremony and dinner party reception–she told me it was reminiscent of an image that she always loved of her own mother getting into a cab on her wedding day!  Love it!  There is something pretty special about having an intimate dinner party with all of your closest friends–they really got to focus on each of their guests that night and share good food, lots of laughs, and a bit more one on one time together.

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September 9, 2012

Christina and Eric had an absolutely gorgeous early fall day for a wedding.  Christina was the essence of calm with the perfect bit of happy tears mixed in–one of those people who you know is just soaking it all in for what it is and at times the enormity of marrying the person you have loved for so long and will love forever is amazingly overwhelming and wonderful.  That was written all over her face, and the faces of her parents, from the moment we started with her getting ready at her house right up until the end of the night.

Christina’s father gave an amazing toast complete with an embarrassing and poignent story about when Christina and Eric first met in the halls of middle school…maybe it was high school  have to remember to blog it when it is more fresh…but anyway, the point is, that Christina said upon seeing Eric that she wanted to have his babies and it is so fun that this is how it is all playing out years later!  Her dad then went on to sing and play guitar to “I Loved Her First” while she shared her first dance with her new husband…I don’t think there was a dry eye in the whole ballroom.  Mike and I had so much fun working with these two–it helps that it was a gorgeous day, but they both are just such fun and willing models on their side of the camera wondering what fun we were going to come up with next!  Hope you enjoy these images half as much as we enjoyed taking them…because that would be saying a lot!!!

2013-03-30_0016 2013-03-30_0017 2013-03-30_0018 2013-03-30_0019 2013-03-30_0020 2013-03-30_0021 2013-03-30_0022 2013-03-30_0023 2013-03-30_0024 2013-03-30_0025 2013-03-30_0026 2013-03-30_0027 2013-03-30_0028

September 8, 2012

Kristen and Derrick were married at St. Julia’s Parish in Weston which is a gorgeous old stone building that Mike and I used to drive by daily during the summers that we were camp counselors together…they day was so smooth and flawless, each moment just kind of flowed into the next–and I have an insider secret as to why–Kristen!  She’s a super organized planner and knew exactly how to map out the day so that it just worked–and sometimes when you do that work beforehand it means that on the day of you just get to enjoy watching it all unfold!  From the getting ready at The Westin straight through to dancing the night away at Brea Burn…there was just so much room to watch Kristen and Derrick love each other through every moment and no one was every looking around wondering what was supposed to happen next!  I absolutely love Kristen’s orchid’s and her cathedral veil…and the gorgeous ivy growing at Brea Burn is perfect, too!  2013-03-29_0083 2013-03-29_0084 2013-03-29_0085 2013-03-29_0086 2013-03-29_0087 2013-03-29_0088 2013-03-29_0089 2013-03-29_0090 2013-03-29_0091 2013-03-29_0092 2013-03-29_0093 2013-03-29_0094 2013-03-29_0095

Church: St. Julia Parish Weston, MA
Wedding Venue: Brae Burn Country Club
Floral Design: Charlotte Designs
Wedding Cake: Creative Cakes by Debby
Wedding Dress: Priscilla of Boston
Bride’s Shoes: Butter Shoes, Bridal by Butter
Bride’s Accessories: Mikimoto Pearls
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Lazaro
Wedding Stationary: William Arthur
Hair: Le Gala Salon
Band: Platinum
Videography: Eagle Productions
Rings: Long’s Jewelers