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It was a pretty hot summer night when we got to go out with Emily (my little sister who is getting married this JUNE!) and her awesome fiance Nick.  They wanted something beachy for their nautical wedding and one of my favorite places to shoot it Plum Island because if you drive to the end of the island you usually have the place to yourself feeling a bit like you’re on your very own private island!  Well, it was mostly ours this night….except for the green head flies!! Thankfully Nick and Emily were good sports about it and we were all laughing between shots as we had to slap the nasty little bugs away.  It was pretty funny because for some shots I would be just ready to snap and one of them would have to slap a bug, or they would be ready to go and I would have to drop the camera to slap one–they hurt!!! I love that in photography you can go back and look at the images and if you hadn’t been there you would have no idea the bugs we were at war with–and I think the images we got were worth every annoying bite! 2014-03-11_0005 2014-03-11_0004 2014-03-11_0003 2014-03-11_0002 2014-03-11_0001


July 13, 2013

You might remember Katie and Ben from the wintery engagement session we posted–we were beyond excited for their July wedding because it was happening with one of our favorite families at one of our favorite places!  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, CT.  It is the perfect country estate for a whole weekend event where friends and family can stay and be together for more than just the wedding reception.  The gorgeous Cottage House, right up the street from the Manor is perfect for getting ready.  The white everywhere theme is a dream to shoot. It makes the perfect backdrop for the girls to have hair & makeup, eat some lunch, and enjoy eachothers compay!

Because of the ideal setup, Katie and Ben chose to do a first look on the LTM grounds.  These are so great here because the family gets to watch from the balcony overlooking the ceremony space, while the couple gets some privacy out on the lawn to enjoy that moment without having to go right into vows.  I think I could gush on and on about Katie and Ben and their families and friends and how in love they are…and about Lord Thompson and how easy they make the flow of the day…but you’re here for the pictures, right?  So here they are!  Oh wait, one more thing…Katie and Ben were excited for the fire pit at the end of the night…sadly it was raining…but we turned sadly into one pretty awesome picture with the rain and an umbrella and a just a few seconds outside–awesome lesson in going with the flow and finding the beauty in the way things happen!

The cottage house interior - Thompson, CT Bridal Suite - The Cottage House - Thompson, CT Groom Portraits at Lord Thompson Mannor Bride Getting Dressed - The Cottage House - Lord Thompson Mannor Bridesmaids - The Cottage House Porch - Lord Thompson Mannor First Look - Lord Thompson Mannor Bride & Groom - Lord Thompson Manor Wedding Party Photos - Lord Thompson Manor Bride Bouquet - Lord Thompson Manor Bride & Groom - Lord Thompson Manor Bride Portrait - Lord Thompson Manor Wedding Ceremony - Lord Thompson Manor Outdoor Ceremony - Lord Thompson Manor Bridesmaids - Lord Thompson Manor Tying the knot - Lord Thompson Manor Entire wedding photo - Lord Thompson Manor Wedding table decor - Lord Thompson Manor Head Table - Lord Thompson Manor First Dance - Lord Thompson Manor Cutting the cake - Lord Thompson Manor Wedding Reception - Lord Thompson Manor Kissing in the Rain - Lord Thompson Manor Dancing and partying - Lord Thompson Manor

Florist- Jackie from Lord Thompson Manor
Cake artist- Dianne Rockwell, The Cake Lady
Hair- Angela Dubreuil from Naomis Bridal Studio
Makeup- Shaenna Dupont from Naomis Bridal Studio


July 12, 2013

We had talked through Kim’s mom for all of the planning on this wedding so were excited to get to the Radisson Hotel in Plymouth to finally meet the couple and celebrate their day with them!  Sometimes when we haven’t met the couple it takes a little bit to break the ice and not be “the photographers” instead of Kate and Mike…but that was never an issue with Kim and Caleb–they were both completely happy, in love, and having the time of their lives on their wedding day and welcomed us in with open arms!  Kim’s mom was a wedding planner extraordinaire and even made Kim’s gorgeous wedding bouquet made out of family heirloom brooches.  After some getting ready at the Radisson we were off to Plimouth Plantation for one of the most hilarious ceremonies I have ever been to in the Hornblower Garden.  The officiant came complete with costumes to change into throughout the ceremony and it was hard to hold the camera still when we were laughing along with Kim and Caleb and their families–serious belly laughs all around!

We did some formals in the garden and then hopped over to the Plimouth Plantation Peabody Pavilion for a reception full of more huge smiles, belly laughs, yummy cupcakes from Cupcake Charlie, gorgeous flowers from Artistic Blossoms2014-03-06_0001 2014-03-06_0002 2014-03-06_0003 2014-03-06_0004 2014-03-06_0005 2014-03-06_0006 2014-03-06_0007 2014-03-06_0008 2014-03-06_0009 2014-03-06_0010 2014-03-06_0011 2014-03-06_0012 2014-03-06_0013 2014-03-06_0014 2014-03-06_0015 2014-03-06_0016 2014-03-06_0017 2014-03-06_0018 and a very full dance floor!

Mike met up with Kate and Chris in East Boston–it was almost a fail since the park was closed, but thanks to a nice police officer they were allowed in to get some fun skyline shots!  With a winter wedding coming up with year at the end of December it was fun to aim for a snowy day…and crazy enough the beginning half of the winter was very tricky in the snow department!    Little did we know if we just scheduled an Easter shoot there would have still been snow on the ground!  Love the warm coats, the pop of pink, and most of all their smiles–these two are adorable!  Can’t wait for the wedding day!!!
2013-04-07_0001 2013-04-07_0002 2013-04-07_0003 2013-04-07_0004 2013-04-07_0005 2013-04-07_0006 2013-04-07_0007 2013-04-07_0008

October 21, 2012

Amy and Kevin had another gorgeous late fall day in New England for their wedding!  Amy is a doll–I think she made it her mission to smile and make every single guest at the wedding feel like she noticed them, she cared, and she was genuinely so happy that it looked effortless!  You know how you sometimes feel so overwhelmed with all that is happening around you so you get a little serious in trying to soak it all in?  Not Amy!  She was a all smiles all day!  She arrived in style with a whole parade of Corvette’s–her dad even made a custom door guard for when she got into his car so that she didn’t get her dress dirty on the way in!  I also love that in looking for someplace fun to shoot at The Villa we were able to all of a sudden be in the middle of Arizona while shooting their portraits against the awesome stucco wall inside the courtyard reserved for the bridal party–so fun!

2013-03-31_0002 2013-03-31_0003 2013-03-31_0004 2013-03-31_0005 2013-03-31_0006 2013-03-31_0007 2013-03-31_0008 2013-03-31_0009 2013-03-31_0010 2013-03-31_0011 2013-03-31_0012 2013-03-31_0013 2013-03-31_0014 2013-03-31_0015 2013-03-31_0016 2013-03-31_0017

Church: St. Paul’s in Hingham
Reception: The Villa at the Ridder Country Club
Coordinator: Katelyn Hill from the Villa
Cake: Montillio’s Bakery in Quincy
Flowers: Kelly Dolloff from Artistic Blossoms
DJ: Dan McCarthy from Boston DJ
Hair/Makeup: Zona Salon