If you've come here looking for more work after visiting our website you're crazy....just kidding, you've come to the right place! This is a place where Mike and I can showcase some of our most recent work--if you're here and the last post is from months ago just remember that our priority is always keeping up with our event editing and getting images to our clients on time! Sadly, the blog, while we love it, doesn't always make it to the top of the to-do list. Rest assured, we'll be back, we always are! In the meantime feel free to get in touch via our contact form!

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It was another gorgeous November day when I went down to Scituate to meet up with Katelyn and Ben for some engagement pictures at one of their favorite locations!  They were so completely at ease with one another and Ben kept doing things to make Katelyn smile so they made my job super easy!  Can’t wait for their wedding at the end of June!2014-03-29_0038 2014-03-29_0039 2014-03-29_0040 2014-03-29_0041 2014-03-29_0042

It is always fun when a new couple brings us to a new place…and the Old Stone Church in Boylston on the reservoir did not disappoint!  Joann and Matt said they were intrigued by how beautiful and unique it is, and so were we!  I’m also going to include a copy of their save-the-date magnet that I absolutely love! 2014-03-27_0101 2014-03-27_0102 2014-03-27_0103 2014-03-27_0104




August 31, 2013

We don’t normally like to shoot more than one event in a weekend–but when Kara contacted me she said it was a shorter event and it was really close and I loved the story of her and Dan finding each other and finding love!  So after leaving the vineyard the day before we were excited to work a two vineyard weekend at Nashoba Valley Winery!

Kara had a really funny story about bad weather on major family events…one even with some very close lightning striking on a graduation day right near the party location.  So as a joke, when he brother showed up in full rain gear, everyone was laughing…until it was time for Kara to walk down the aisle and it really did start to rain!  Thankfully she was prepared as well with her simple white umbrella and the rain wasn’t going to stop anyone!  Have I mentioned lately how incredibly lucky Mike and I are to work with people on their wedding day when they are so beyond happy that it is just infectious and we’ve determined we really do have the best job there is! 2014-03-27_0070 2014-03-27_0071 2014-03-27_0072 2014-03-27_0073 2014-03-27_0074 2014-03-27_0075 2014-03-27_0076 2014-03-27_0077

Looking for an engagement session with just the right amount of Back Bay Boston flavor?  Copley square is a great place to shoot because there’s so much diversity & the light comes through just right!  Check out this session we shot with Yinnette & Devin.

Copley Square offers three cool shooting areas: Boston Public Library, Trinity Church, and the surrounding streets.  All three of them in such a condensed area makes it easy for a ton of variety to your photo session.

Just looking at these images after what seems like an incredibly long winter is making me miss shorts, nice weather and hot Boston afternoons!!  Mike did this session in August and when he brought them home and I had a chance to look them over I was so super excited for their wedding…why you ask?  Because you can just tell from these images that they were going to be a ton of fun….and I was right!  Can’t wait to share their wedding images later this month…but for now, I bring you an awesome summer afternoon in Boston!



Copley Square Engagement Session - Trinity Church Courtyard Copley Square Engagement Session Copley Square E-Session 2014-03-27_0017 Public Alley Back Bay Boston E-Session

August 3, 2013

I know I’ve said it a million times but it is always so fun to figure out how people come to find us. We don’t advertise and rarely have time to submit weddings to blogs because for us it is more important to get the images and albums to our clients that we do have.  Here’s the story of how we ended up shooting this Tewksbury Country Club Wedding.

Colleen and Albie are one of those fun referrals that came about because Albie (hope I get this right) is the cousin of the wife of a past co-worker/friend of Mike’s!  It always feels like such a small world when you break it down!

Well, we had some trouble getting together for an engagement shoot due to their hectic work schedules. So we walked into this wedding really only having had our meeting (where we loved them) and a whole bunch of emails…and when that happens we never really know what to expect.  Well little did we know how adorably in love and affectionate these two were going to be and that always makes for an awesome day!

We started the day at Colleen’s home and quickly headed over to Blessed Sacrament Parish in Saugus, MA.  We had a great time shooting the ceremony, especially because its a church were you can get a vantage with both the couple and everyone in attendance.  Just check out the first kiss shot!  From there we headed to the country club for formals.

Tewksbury Country Club is a pleasure to shoot at because the grounds are impeccably maintained and there’s a huge grand ballroom. Its a great place for a huge party. Adding to the excitement, Albie has a pretty fun job that comes with some cool perks.  Make sure you get through all of the images to see the awesome Bruins mascot appearance, Blades!  Its not everyday that you have to worry about a giant ice skating bear stealing the bride!

2014-03-27_0001 2014-03-27_0002 2014-03-27_0003 2014-03-27_0004 Blessed Sacrament Parish Wedding - Processional Blessed Sacrament Parish Wedding Ceremony Blessed Sacrament Parish Wedding - Kiss Tewksbury Country Club Wedding - Formal Photos Tewksbury Country Club - Bridge & Fountain at night Tewksbury Country Club Wedding - Ballroom Tewksbury Country Club - First Dance Tewksbury Country Club Wedding - Cutting the Cake Tewksbury Country Club Wedding - Blades the Bruin