If you've come here looking for more work after visiting our website you're crazy....just kidding, you've come to the right place! This is a place where Mike and I can showcase some of our most recent work--if you're here and the last post is from months ago just remember that our priority is always keeping up with our event editing and getting images to our clients on time! Sadly, the blog, while we love it, doesn't always make it to the top of the to-do list. Rest assured, we'll be back, we always are! In the meantime feel free to get in touch via our contact form!

We hadn’t meet Suzy and Dan before we booked their wedding because, like a lot of our clients, they were out of state planning a wedding in Boston.  When they showed up to their engagement session while visiting Suzy’s family and were ready to smile, laugh, kiss and pose like they had been doing it all their lives it makes you all the more excited for the wedding!  The light in the Arnold Arboretum on this June afternoon was perfect! 2016-03-04_00142016-03-04_0016 2016-03-04_0015 2016-03-04_0017 2016-03-04_0018

Stephanie and Keith had a beautiful May engagement session that we turned into their wedding invitation! They also had some pretty amazing golden afternoon sunlight and a fun banner with their wedding date on it! We printed these on a 4×8 long pearl paper and made matching directions and rsvp cards–I’ve always loved using images from an engagement session for a invitation because it’s kind of a fun way to give everyone you love a picture to hang on their fridge and get excited about the big day!



A couple more of my favorite quintessential Grist Mill images…I remember visiting here as a kid and being in awe of what an actual mill was…it’s such a beautiful icon to visit now and photograph!

Stephanie & Keith E-Session-1003

Stephanie & Keith E-Session-1004


This is one of my absolute favorite places to photograph–if you want glamor and elegance and an all in one place affair with an all hands on deck staff who make the event perfect than a Lord Thompson Manor Wedding is the place for you.  The getting ready space is all white on white on white…which, I’ll be honest, is a photographer’s dream, and sometimes I find myself daydreaming of decorating my own house with all white floors, furniture, walls, linens, decorations, etc…anything you put in the space after that looks amazing!  The first look location is amazing because the couple has privacy down at the ceremony location and the family and bridal party can look on up on the balcony…later this balcony serves as the perfect place for the toasts and a group picture…they’re so efficient you aren’t wasting anytime on this shot and have a whole group! The other amazing aspect of Lord Thompson Manor is the amount of decor they have to choose from…the tablescapes are always amazing and really dress up every event!  2016-03-04_0001 2016-03-04_0002 2016-03-04_0003 2016-03-04_0004 2016-03-04_0005 2016-03-04_0006 2016-03-04_0007
2016-03-04_0008 2016-03-04_0009 2016-03-04_0010 2016-03-04_0011 2016-03-04_0012 2016-03-04_0013


Meet Emily and Nick.  Oh wait, you already have, here!  This was a fun family Atlantica wedding so you’ll spy some cute familiar Duval kids in the mix!  I was on mommy duty for the day so Mike photographed this one with the help of Emily Kan and she really did a lot of fun stuff with the guys during their time before the ceremony and honestly I couldn’t have done it without her–just when I think there isn’t more to learn about wedding, having been shooting them for 10 years now, I learn something!  Being a bridesmaid with four kids, one of them being 8 weeks old…it’s hard!  So new appreciation was found for all the mamas who love their friends and jump into the bridal party with tiny humans who still need them attending for the day–it’s a pretty big testament of love!  We had never been down to Atlantica in Cohasset, MA but immediately fell in love!  When Emily first started planning her wedding she had thought a big destination wedding with everyone there would be amazing…but then in starting to plan all of that the reality of lots of siblings, and nephews and nieces and friends who have to hop on a plane started to sound overwhelming…and Atlantica saved the day–it was a destination, it was on the water, and it was beautiful, but also accessible for both families and really was a perfect place to celebrate Emily and Nick! 2016-03-02_0001 2016-03-02_0002 2016-03-02_0003 2016-03-02_0004 2016-03-02_0005 2016-03-02_0006 2016-03-02_0007 2016-03-02_0008 2016-03-02_0009 2016-03-02_0010 2016-03-02_0011 2016-03-02_0012 2016-03-02_0013




Do you remember these two cuties? Lindsey and Josh had their wedding at the Wequassett Country Club on Cape Cod in Harwich and the blue skies, puffy white clouds, and a flower arbor overlooking the water couldn’t have been more perfect for their wedding day!  They had a first look that rivaled the final days on the Bachelor with the sweeping ocean in the background and I absolutely love that Mike & Keegan (who was our second shooter that day because I was still home with a tiny baby Ellie) caught Josh wiping away some tears on Lindsey’s cheek.  Just going back through these images has me excited to go back to Harwich again this season so as not to let Mike’s have all the fun in this gorgeous venue!  I hope you enjoy this Wequassett Wedding as much as we do…every time I’m on Cape Cod I start to wonder why I don’t just live there full time!

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