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October 17, 2009

Kelly and Jason…so smiley, so happy, and Kelly’s laugh could literally melt away and anxiety anyone had on the wedding day!  She is just full of life, loving life, and one of those couples that gave us a great amount of time to shoot and was into helping us get some amazing shots!  We usually try to blend in with the day and make things happen as they do, but when someone throws us a bone with a little extra time for photos we eat it up!

After the formals every kept saying to me, “Are you the one that climbed the tree?”  It was funny…I mean no one would have said that to me when I was 10 because of COURSE I was the one climbing the tree…I’m forever climbing trees I guess!

I had a hard time choosing…so there are a lot of images 🙂  Have I mentioned that I love the colors!?

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1001

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1002

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1003

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1004

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1005

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1006

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1008

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1009

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1010

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1011

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1012

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1013

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1014

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1015

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1016

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1017

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1018

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1019

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1020

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1021

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1022

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1023

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1025

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1027

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1028

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1029

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1030

Nashua Crowne Plaza-1031