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I’ve been having a hard time lately with wanting to just put all of the images from the wedding on the blog…meaning you would be scrolling through about 700-900 images per wedding.  Which…would be ridiculous!  But with this wedding again, there is just so much amazing going on that I had a hard time narrowing it down.  So, if you love this and want to see more, maybe you should just leave a comment and I’ll share the full gallery with you.  Maybe that should just be what we do for every wedding because they’re kind of like my babies and I love them all and want them all to have their own floor space and time to shine!

So here we find ourselves again with Alix and James but with time with a gorgeous Lake Winnipesaukee wedding where they rented out an amazing private home for the week and hosted a stunning event with the help of Renee Sabo and her team from Simple Details Events.  From the fun food that Caper’s Catering provided to the band Airtight that had everyone dancing and the breathtaking views of Lake Winnipesaukee this wedding could not have been any more beautiful–oh, I forgot to mention that Alix may just be one of the most emotional people I have ever met and is moved to tears by almost everything, which in turn moves everyone around her to tears, so the happy cry fest really just made this wedding even more special! Stay tuned for a video that will really showcase that element of the day in the not so distant future!

Did I mention that our very own Emmie did a reading at the wedding, Sawyer was the ring bearer, and Chase was an usher? See if you can spy us in the big group picture!  Got to love their daddy’s cousin Alix!  Because of all of their involvement in the day we would up asking Ben Burrows from A + B Weddings to come and shoot with Mike and he did an amazing job and we can’t thank him enough! winnipesaukee wedding 2016-03-22_0022 2016-03-22_0023 2016-03-22_0024 2016-03-22_0025 2016-03-22_0026 2016-03-22_0027 2016-03-22_0028 2016-03-22_0029 2016-03-22_0030 2016-03-22_0031 2016-03-22_0032 2016-03-22_0033

August 30, 20013

Krissy and Mark, where to begin?  I’ve known Krissy since we were little girls and spent summers up at Hampton Beach, NH and I have so many good memories of Krissy and her two sisters Kelly and Katie.  I was so excited when she told me she was going to marry Mark and that she wanted Mike and I there to capture it all!  This was our first time shooting at Zorvino Vineyard in Sandown, NH, and I had heard a lot about it and it definitely lived up to all of the raves!  They had amazing weather that made the ceremony in the gazebo literally picture perfect, and then all of the inside decor and uplighting made for a gorgeous event inside as well!

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Fall Foliage Wedding - The Wentworth - Jackson, NH


Rachel and Tom wrapped up our 2011 with a major bang…and I am 110% biased because Rachel is my sister!  When Tom proposed she called me and we talked about dates…we were able to plan the whole thing in about 6 months and they had the most amazing day–October 29th was sunny, bright, a little chilly, and gorgeous by day….and then around 8pm the snow started falling!  This is the only wedding in our history with perfect fall foliage and then awesome snowy night shots!  Seeing as Mike and I were in the wedding party, Sawyer was 3 months old, and Emmie and Chase were the flower girl and ring bearer…we brought Doug Levy, photographer extraordinaire, along to help out for the weekend!  It’s a good thing he came because man was I able to do WAY less than I anticipated–it took me all day to figure out what was up with Ms. Emerson…she was needy, clingy, and kind of miserable with a side of freaking out during the getting ready part of the day…turns out I finally took her temp at the reception when she cried to me that her throat hurt and it was 103 degrees.  So yes, thank goodness we had Doug with us–Mike and Doug work really well together and I split my time being a sister, a mommy, and a guest at this wedding!

Enough about us and more on Rachel and Tom…where to even begin?  They are adorable…so very much in love, and they totally get each other.  It is fun to see them make the other constantly laugh and smile…they are both very very funny but also really sincere in everything they do.  They had an unforgettable day and I am so so happy for them!  It was such an awesome opportunity to get to know Tom’s family even more…I think the one thing about having a wedding further from home is that people tend to stick around longer, hang out before, during, and after…I think one of the highlights of the whole weekend was the big snow ball fight everyone had the morning after the wedding!  Rachel and Tom, we love you two tons and tons!

Groom Teeing off - North Conway Country Club Golf Course

Groom Golfing

Rachel and Tom

Rachel and Tom

Bride's hands getting ready

Rachel and Tom

Wedding Dress Hanging outside

Bridesmaid tying Ring Bearer's bowtie

Rachel and Tom

A family prayer with the Bride

Bride coming down the stairs

Conway, New Hampshire - Eggplant Bridesmaids Dresses

Bride in the limo

Rachel and Tom

Rachel and Tom

Rachel and Tom

Bride & Groom smiling at each other during ceremony

Flower girls playing

Rachel and Tom

Rachel and Tom

Ceremony Kiss

Smiling flower girl during ceremony

Groomsmen on the rocks at Jackson Falls, New Hampshire

Wedding Family Portrait - Jackson Falls, NH

Bride & Groom at the falls - Jackson Falls, NH

Rachel and Tom

Groom carrying bride - Jackson Falls, NH

Bride standing in the waterfalls - Jackson, NH

Groom lit with Elincrom Ranger Pack

Rachel and Tom

Bride & Groom at the covered bridge - Wentworth Golf Club

Bride & Groom in a Tunnel

Rachel and Tom

Amazing wedding first dance kiss - The Wentworth - Jackson, NH

Bride Hugging groom

Mother of the bride makeup

Beautiful Reception Lighting - DJ Ryan Parker

Bridesmaid crying at reception - The Wentworth - Jackson, NH

Rachel and Tom

Rachel and Tom

Father Dancing with his daughter

The Wentworth Hotel Sign - First snow fall

Bride & Groom kissing in the Snow

Bride & groom in the snow at night - The Wentworth - Jackson, NH

Kissing in the snow under an old fashioned street lamp

Cake: The Cake Lady     DJ: Ryan Parker     Venue: The Wentworth Inn, Jackson, NH     Photographers: MKD Photography & Douglas Levy Photography



We met Jamie back in July of 2010 when she was on the Two Chefs are Better than One catering team at another wedding we were at.  We were flattered that she asked us to photographer her wedding as we are when anyone in the wedding industry asks, because, well, when your work is weddings you see a lot of vendors and it is nice to make it to the top of someone’s list!   The other mega bonus at a wedding for someone who works with a catering company was the awesome food–Two Chefs are Better than One continue to amaze us at every event that we work together–first of all everything is delicious, add to that some amazing presentation, and wrap it all up with a team that is easy to work with and super efficient and they have it in the bag!

But, back to Jamie and Ryan…they are oh so adorable and they really had an amazing and beautiful wedding up in Portsmouth, NH at the Seacoast Science Center!  I love all of the marine details and blues and uplights and the whole feel is just seaside + elegant.  Mike shot this one with Douglas Levy again…and I’m sensing a theme…I think all along Mike was nervous about us not shooting together, that it would be hard…but in looking back at the pictures I think it was me that was missing out on some awesome weddings…and while snuggling a tiny baby is something that is truly priceless…I’m excited to jump back into the game this season (and so thankful to have people like Doug to shoot with Mike when I can’t)!





































I still can hear Amanda and Matt at their engagement shoot talking about how they didn’t want to be too romantic…you know, not much kissing and all that…lots of friends and family were going to be looking a the images…and then they are just so in love that kissing is natural and being super cute and looking at each other lovingly was something that they just do.  So from that session on I knew that their wedding was going to be pretty phenomenal…when the happy, giddy love pours out of people it kind of makes our job easy.  Amanda and Matt wrote the book on Happy, Giddy-Love, I’m sure of it!  Mike and Tony Yu had a pretty easy time capturing these two up at an AMAZING CASTLE in Windham, NH called the Searles Castle.  The day was also gorgeous.  Amanda is also friends with a ton of our past brides who all were sorority sisters at Bentley College so really…we love it when everything just comes together and the stars align…but then the dip kiss on the dance floor?  C’mon!