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From the moment I first pulled up to the Fruitlands Museum for our very first wedding there I fell in love with this venue.  So when Alison and Rick hired us to be a part of their day we were super excited to be back!  I remember bumping elbows with some of the members of the band and looking out at the sweeping views overlooking the Nashua River Valley and talking about just how amazing it is and how it really must be one of the best views in all of Massachusetts.

I’m going to try to contain the gushing…but it’s hard because there are so many things I love about this place! The getting ready room is perfect for the girls and they really did such a great job with the decor in there and the amazing light that pour in means that it is hard to take a bad picture! And then cocktail hour area also serves for the perfect place to do a first look followed by really an epic spot for a ceremony out under the big tree always with a beautiful setup for drinks–the Fruitlands Museum Wedding is kind of straight out of things you only see in movies!

The tent is also gorgeous especially with the sides up and the sun that sets right behind the sweetheart table making for breathtaking views but also a photographer’s dream of gorgeous light for all of the things like the speeches, first dances and always an opportunity to grab the couple and head out for a few shots as the sun dips low on the horizon!

We had so much fun working with Planner – Adrienne Duys Mendonco from Gracie Lou Events, the florists at Orchids ‘n Blooms, the band Freestyle and our right hand man Tim who has been at every Fruitlands Museum wedding we have ever shot working super duper hard to make the day seamless!

Stay tuned for more Fruitlands Museum Weddings on the blog because we were there a lot in these past two seasons and I’m about to blog a ton before this years weddings start rolling in too quickly!

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Meet Emily and Nick.  Oh wait, you already have, here!  This was a fun family Atlantica wedding so you’ll spy some cute familiar Duval kids in the mix!  I was on mommy duty for the day so Mike photographed this one with the help of Emily Kan and she really did a lot of fun stuff with the guys during their time before the ceremony and honestly I couldn’t have done it without her–just when I think there isn’t more to learn about wedding, having been shooting them for 10 years now, I learn something!  Being a bridesmaid with four kids, one of them being 8 weeks old…it’s hard!  So new appreciation was found for all the mamas who love their friends and jump into the bridal party with tiny humans who still need them attending for the day–it’s a pretty big testament of love!  We had never been down to Atlantica in Cohasset, MA but immediately fell in love!  When Emily first started planning her wedding she had thought a big destination wedding with everyone there would be amazing…but then in starting to plan all of that the reality of lots of siblings, and nephews and nieces and friends who have to hop on a plane started to sound overwhelming…and Atlantica saved the day–it was a destination, it was on the water, and it was beautiful, but also accessible for both families and really was a perfect place to celebrate Emily and Nick! 2016-03-02_0001 2016-03-02_0002 2016-03-02_0003 2016-03-02_0004 2016-03-02_0005 2016-03-02_0006 2016-03-02_0007 2016-03-02_0008 2016-03-02_0009 2016-03-02_0010 2016-03-02_0011 2016-03-02_0012 2016-03-02_0013




Do you remember these two cuties? Lindsey and Josh had their wedding at the Wequassett Country Club on Cape Cod in Harwich and the blue skies, puffy white clouds, and a flower arbor overlooking the water couldn’t have been more perfect for their wedding day!  They had a first look that rivaled the final days on the Bachelor with the sweeping ocean in the background and I absolutely love that Mike & Keegan (who was our second shooter that day because I was still home with a tiny baby Ellie) caught Josh wiping away some tears on Lindsey’s cheek.  Just going back through these images has me excited to go back to Harwich again this season so as not to let Mike’s have all the fun in this gorgeous venue!  I hope you enjoy this Wequassett Wedding as much as we do…every time I’m on Cape Cod I start to wonder why I don’t just live there full time!

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Don’t click back and see that the last blog entry I wrote was over a year ago…just don’t do it…you came here to see the Lord Jeffery Inn Wedding, not scold me for my lack of blogging, right?  And while we’re chatting about how I don’t need  a scolding, I just want to remind you all that it is more important to live in the here and now with Casey and Max and their very very cute wedding where you get to see dimples galore, a very handsome red headed man, and a bunch of people that I am related to all celebrate the love of an adorable couple….that sounds way better than pontificating on the fact that they have already celebrated their one year anniversary and I am a wee bit behind on blogging, right??

May 3, 2014

Casey is my cousin and I knew that when she and Max got engaged that they were going to have the cutest wedding especially since The Lord Jeffery Inn Weddings were absolutely gorgeous in such a fun little town of Amherst, MA!  Casey is just a natural gift receiver…if you give her something she is really really good at gushing about all of the genuinely awesome ways in which she is going to enjoy the thing you have given her (as witnessed at one of the cutest bridal showers ever) and this means that she receives love in the same way…she is excited and bubbly and her and Max compliment each other so well in the cute things that he does for her (in a NY accent, no less) and the adorable way in which she will thank him for being so awesome!  She also enjoyed The Lord Jeffery Inn and all of the little details of the day (even down to the amazing weather) with such wonder and joy!  Casey asked my kiddos to attend the wedding as flower girl/ring bearers…and it was Ellie’s first wedding at three weeks old….so that means we brought our friend Ben from A + B Weddings to help out with a second camera in case I got stuck in kid land–and he captured some of these amazing images with Mike!  Enough gabbing…the pictures speak for themselves!

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We always ask our couples for information on who has made their day possible….and Casey was super cute to lead off with us and a little parenthetical addition….

Photography: MKD Photography! (woohoo!)

Venue: The Lord Jeffery Inn Wedding (especially Amanda Malone)

Florist: Rebecca from Forget me Not Florist

Hair & Make-up: Crystal Vasquez & Co.

DJ: Shawn Santinello from Viren Entertainment

Lighting: CJC lighting 

December 28, 2013

There really couldn’t have been a better wedding to wrap up our 2013 season with…Katelyn and Chris have been to so many weddings we have shot that they feel like family–and we also shot Chris’s brother’s wedding on a winter day four years before this wedding so we really felt like it was old home week and we were part of the family!  When we got to the reception we made it a point to seek out all of the “MKD” couples we had shot over the years who were guests for Kate and Chris and with the newly weds it was an even 10!  So keep your eyes out for the very last image which is Mike and I cheesing with some of our very favorite Bentley couples!

It was back at Maggie and Joey’s wedding that Chris hinted that there was a wedding in their future and that he wanted us there to shoot it…we were so excited to be a part of their surprise proposal, surprise engagement party, fun engagement images in the light Boston snow, and to have it all culminate on one of the warmest most gorgeous winter days was perfect and with their love of the city The Hyatt Boston Harbor Hotel was the perfect location for their wedding day!

Some fun highlights–when they opened their gifts to each other they were both nearly in tears at the fact that they had picked the exact same card for one another.  Chris brought in an awesome barber with his own chair to shave all of the guys in the hotel room before heading out to the ceremony.  One of Boston’s fireboats drove by while we were doing portraits with hoses on full blast and it made for the perfect sunshine-through backdrop.  Katelyn’s awesome first dance with her dad where they broke out in some crazy dance moves.  The Alpha Phi girls dancing to Heaven.  And ending the night with the awesome Boston Skyline and some sparklers!

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