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We had never shot a Wolfe’s Neck Farm wedding before and I realized the second that I set foot on the property that I needed to figure out a way to bring my family back to visit or camp or just hang out for an afternoon because it was just gorgeous and I have a soft spot for Freeport, ME.  I have great memories of having gone on big excursions to Freeport as a kid always getting good ice cream and walking around L.L. Bean! This late June wedding had absolutely perfect weather and the ceremony overlooking the ocean could not have been more magical! Katelyn and Ben are the couple that just wants to stare at each other all day and smile and high five about how happy they are as things around them are unfolding…I can clearly hear Katelyn’s voice on repeat in my head…she just kept walking around saying, “This is awesome!” This makes our job more so amazing because every time you put the camera to your face there is a happy smiling couple on the other side! I think this often happens when there is an awesome planner that the couple loves and trusts…because they know their wedding day is safe in her hands and can just sit back and enjoy the day!  So kudos to Adrienne with refineryevents.com for a wedding so well planned!!!

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September 14, 2012

Robin and Matt invited us up to Boothbay, Maine to shoot their wedding at the Spruce Point Inn.  It was an absolutely gorgeous September day, and their ceremony on the deck overlooking the ocean couldn’t have been more perfect!  I love the sunflowers, the yellow accents, the Jimmy Choos, the gorgeous seaside getting ready room with the slight sea breeze pouring in the open windows, and the fun and laughter that both families shared.  You know when you can tell how close one family is by the amount of time they spend laughing…and sometimes this can get a little tricky when two families come together?  Well not with these two families!  It was a seamless integration and there was only room for big huge smiles and lots and lots of love.  Speaking of love, the cocktail hour was down by the water near the big long pier–couldn’t be more quintessential Maine! 2013-03-30_0029 2013-03-30_0030 2013-03-30_0031 2013-03-30_0032 2013-03-30_0033 2013-03-30_0034 2013-03-30_0035 2013-03-30_0036 2013-03-30_0037 2013-03-30_0038 2013-03-30_0039 2013-03-30_0040 2013-03-30_0041 2013-03-30_0042


Cupcakes: East End Cupcakes
Ceremony Music: Dara Saffer Meng and Ian Meng
Band: Bob Charest Band 
Florist: Boothbay Harbor Greenhouses 
Hair and Makeup: Sarah Bortner



Jen and Brandon – These two, you may remember, are a ton of fun.  They are both in the huge network of Bentley College grads who have seem to found their wedding photographers in MKD (and we love it!!) and they were absolutely adorable and oh so fun to work with.  This wedding brought us to a new location…it’s always fun for Mike and I to shoot somewhere we have never been before–the pictures are yours, we aren’t thinking of the last couple that we shot in the same spot–it’s like walking in fresh snow!  So, this wedding was up in Rangely Maine at an awesome ski resort–it was October, the leaves were gorgeous, on our drive up the sky was blue, we had a picnic at an awesome little gorge…sadly…that was Friday and Saturday has some different weather in mind–as you can see from the first image below we had some rain, and some fog…and some HUGE smiles on Jen and Brandon’s faces.  Rain couldn’t have happened to a more perfect couple…the mountains were hiding in big billowy puffs of rain clouds, but they were marrying their best friend.  They had amazing friends and family around them…and a few rain drops were not going to pull them down!

This day was so full of laughter, and love, and friendship, and moose faces, and Maine…the indoor ceremony was cozy and romantic with the fire place going and every little detail was so intricate and intimate–I’m sure it made every guest of the wedding feel as special as Mike and I did to have traveled so far to witness these two tie the knot!

Crowning Raindrop - Saddleback Mountain - Rangely, ME


Wedding dress details


Diamond Wedding Slippers


Father of the bride putting on cufflinks



Bridesmaid high five

Mom butting up wedding dress



Bride & Groom holding hands

Red Rose boutonniere with Red Flanel pocket square

Groom in tux with white bowtie


Saddleback mountain wedding - Lodge fireplace



Saddleback Mountain Wedding Party

Wedding Portraits at the base lodge of Saddleback Mountain - Rangely, ME

Gorgeous fall bouquet

Saddleback Mountain Wedding

Bride & Groom at Saddleback Mtn Lodge - Rangeley, ME


Bridesmaids goofing off





Wedding Reception at Saddleback Mountain Lodge - Rangeley, ME

Saddleback Mountain Lodge at Night

First Dance at Saddleback Mountain Lodge - Rangeley, ME


Bentley University Alumni Wedding Photo - Jen & Brandon's Wedding 10/1/2012




Reception Dancing at Saddleback Mountain Lodge - Rangeley, ME

July 10, 2010…it was a rainy rainy day.  In fact this is the image I shot out the window on the way to meet the bride at the hair salon:


There were some seriously intense clouds, even one that looked like it was going to turn into a tornado.  Mike and I were listening to the weather, checking the doppler…and the fact of the matter is it didn’t look good for our couple that was planning on going from their church to the reception in a huge sailboat and enjoying a cocktail hour on the lawn.  Frustrating for all involved that the picture they had in their head would be altered and for us that we would go to this amazing location and not get to showcase it…but we captured amazing pictures, umbrellas involved, the bride was very calm about canceling the boat ride knowing that the important part was marrying her best friend…and man…the sunset gods came out to shine on them!! I looked out the window at one point and saw a tiny bit of pink in the sky and Mike and I grabbed Aria and Michal and had them out to see the most amazing sunset I have ever seen in my life….and this is just a sneak peak…much much more to come!


I love how this image screams Maine with the adirondack chairs and the boat on the left and the kayaks on the right and the fog and that light….yea it was awesome.

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1024 (by MKD Photography)

May 30, 2010

Our wedding anniversary was May 29, 2005…it is always so fun to shoot a wedding so close to our own wedding day when thoughts about what it meant for us to get married are so fresh!  Jamie and Steve live down here in Worcester and before they had even picked a date they came to a meeting at our house…Jamie said I know two things about my wedding, I want lilacs, and we want you!! We were so excited to meet them and then to have them email back with this date up in Maine and know that we could shoot it…perfect!

Jamie is a dancer and a yoga instructor and from the time we shot their engagement shoot we knew that we would be excited about all that they would do for us on their wedding day!  It was also a bonus that my two sister were there since they’re good friends with both Jamie and Steve!! The whole weekend was amazing and the wedding day started with the Bride’s Yoga class, followed by an awesome brunch with some of the most amazing piping hot muffins I have ever seen in my life, followed by getting ready at Jamie’s parent’s house which is nestled into a hill right at the edge of a lake and then a beautiful ceremony where Jamie and Steve just couldn’t stop smiling at each other!  Another major bonus for Mike was Jamie’s dad and his love of cars…with 3 of his own Sunbeam Tiger’s to parade around on the wedding day his life felt complete!!  So awesome that the yellow car is the very one that her mom and dad brought her home from the hospital in!

The reception was at the Belgrade Lakes Golf Course which is so beautiful at the top of a peak overlooking lakes and valleys and mountains in the distance.  The day was beautiful, the families and friends that came to share with them amazing, and we had a blast!  Thanks so much for inviting us into such an amazing moment in your lives…and for bringing us someplace new to shoot!

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1000 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1001 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1002 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1003 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1004 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1005 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1006 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1007 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1008 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1009 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1010 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1011 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1012 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1013 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1014 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1015 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1016 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1017 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1018 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1019 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1020 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1021 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1022 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1023 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1025 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1026 (by MKD Photography)

Jamie&SteveBLOG-1027 (by MKD Photography)