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Who says November can’t be gorgeous?  Laura and Jake had a beautiful fall morning in Concord with Mike capturing some amazing engagement pictures!  I can’t wait to get in on some images of these two at their September wedding of this year!! 2014-03-29_0033 2014-03-29_0034 2014-03-29_0035 2014-03-29_0036 2014-03-29_0037

These two cuties live in South Boston and picked an awesome fall day with the perfect sunset to have Mike out to shoot some engagement pictures for them!  We really can’t wait to shoot their fall wedding this season and know that they are going to turn on some serious happy, lovey, cute stuff for the cameras that day, too!!

2014-03-29_0015 2014-03-29_0016 2014-03-29_0017 2014-03-29_0018 2014-03-29_0019

Mary and Aaron were pretty open to where they wanted to meet up for an engagement session but thought apple picking and bringing their very cute puppy needed to be part of the plan!  We have a favorite orchard up on a hill in Littleton that we love to go to called Nagog Hill Orchard and there is always such gorgeous afternoon light there!  As you can see from these images the light didn’t fail us this time!!  And by the way, every time there is a French Bulldog involved in a shoot I WANT ONE!

2014-03-27_0105 2014-03-27_0106 2014-03-27_0107 2014-03-27_0108 2014-03-27_0109 2014-03-27_0110 2014-03-27_0111

It is always fun when a new couple brings us to a new place…and the Old Stone Church in Boylston on the reservoir did not disappoint!  Joann and Matt said they were intrigued by how beautiful and unique it is, and so were we!  I’m also going to include a copy of their save-the-date magnet that I absolutely love! 2014-03-27_0101 2014-03-27_0102 2014-03-27_0103 2014-03-27_0104




September 1, 2013

I don’t know if I have ever felt so sticky and hot as I did on this day….it definitely wasn’t as hot as some of the July 100 degree + days that we had, but it was September and so incredibly humid that I think there were some fish spotted swimming in the air that day.  We drove out west with the whole family in the van because we were mixing this shoot with a fun visit–you can do that when the bride is your cousin!!  I stayed back with the boys and Mike brought Emmie and handed her own camera–watch out world, because I think my job is in jeopardy when this girl is a little bit older!  I absolutely love the images that they captured…and I say they because there are definitely a couple from Emmie’s camera that day!  So very excited that we get to capture these two get married next weekend!

2014-03-27_0078 2014-03-27_0079 2014-03-27_0080 2014-03-27_0081 2014-03-27_0082 2014-03-27_0083 2014-03-27_0084