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Alix and James are pretty fun and completely go with the flow–they also happen to be two of our favorite people and Mike might just be Alix’s only favorite cousin on her dad’s side and one of our number one babysitters who the Duval kids adore.  We started their fun arcade engagement session outside at the Old North Bridge (which, I know, is not an arcade) because they have an awesome golden doodle named Wally.  If you click on his name you’ll see he is pretty much famous and adorable and therefore we had to make him a part of their session.  Generally dogs aren’t the best at air hockey and when we asked him his favorite place he said the park!   After Wally had smiled enough for the camera and Alix and James were getting cold (and the light was disappearing) we hopped over to the Acton Bowladrome & Arcade for some more fun!  I love that they were able to go from fun fancy clothes to plain old college t-shirts and still look amazing in this arcade engagement!  I can’t wait to share Wally at their wedding in a few more blog posts…because if you thought he was cute here you should see him in a teal tie! And if you’re looking forward to seeing Wally you won’t even believe how amazing Alix and James and the whole wedding turned out! 2016-03-22_0001 2016-03-22_0002
2016-03-22_0004 2016-03-22_0006arcade engagement photo

Stay tuned for their amazing NH Wedding up on Lake Winnipesaukee!