Once upon a time we were sitting in a photography class together laughing about how we would NEVER want to be wedding photographers. We weren’t married at the time. Some people seem to think of weddings as high stress...but we weren't worried about the pressure of it all, but more because Mike didn’t see himself as “that guy” with the brown vest and the big bracket flash making dorky jokes filling up the galleries of awkward wedding photography sites. Then we got married ourselves...and our eyes were opened to all of the amazing possibilities! It was the most happy day, we got to wearing amazing clothes, we were surrounded by the people we love, it was the beginning of our lives together...after that day we decided who wouldn’t want to sign up for that profession? We were married in May of 2005...we shot our first wedding that September and haven't looked back!
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Our favorite thing in life is family. Since we know the importance of family we understand weddings from the inside--as son/daughter, husband/wife, mother/father we can see the importance of your wedding from more than just the vantage point of photographer. Mike always likes to say that one of our favorite things about each and every wedding we shoot is the VIP pass that it affords us deep into the heart of a new family! Every story, every couple, every family is like a new book that we get first dibs on capturing the story that will be enjoyed generation after generation.


We are storytellers by nature. We are unobtrusive. We capture the day in the best light and transform your memories into photographs that will last a lifetime. We want you to someday sit down with your children and relive the day page by page through your wedding album. We do this with timeless, clean, bright and crisp images that are not coated in the latest fad or filter. We are artists. We are not show stealers, but we are also happy to help with posing and making you look your best in front of the camera.


I don't know why we work so well together. We're complete and total opposites. Mike loves roller coasters, I cry my eyes out when forced to go on one. I love big leafy salads with yummy dressing, Mike hates most things green and gags on broccoli. I'm an optimist to a fault (think gullible, too trusting) while Mike often prepared for the worst case scenario and has a plan A, B, C an D. Mike is the picture of patience...I'm hurry hurry hurry, do it, do it, JUST DO IT. Mike clicks slow, methodical, well thought out...I click wildly, seeing pictures in front of me at all times that I just.have.to.capture. He knows the tech specs on every piece of equipment in the Nikon Product guide, I benefit from being able to USE the equipment he researches.

On your wedding day Mike takes A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. reception pictures...I rock the kiss and the rings. I never have to wonder which shots he is working on, with over 250 weddings under our belts we are at the point where we just know. It’s a pretty seamless process and I couldn’t be more thankful that, as cheesy as it sounds, we complete each other. We've been shooting together since one of our first dates back in 2000. Mike was the camera guy. He had to have the latest, greatest, best possible equipment and told me I could use his camera during a spring festival that they had at Wheaton College (we met in Chem class). I blew through 11 rolls of film...he was secretly going crazy watching me click away about $150 in processing...but he kept smiling. He even bought me an awesome album to put all my images in.

On our wedding day we fell in love with weddings--we already loved photography. The rest is history.



How much should photo journalistic wedding photography in New England cost?

Your wedding isn't going to be the same as anyone else's wedding. We loosly base our pricing on the time we need to capture the story of your wedding. We really prefer to shoot together and all of our packages come standard with the two of us as your photographers. We understand that not every wedding tells the same story or has the same needs and because of that we have a range of packages for you to choose from starting with 6, 8 and 10 hour increments. Event coverage with the two of us capturing the day starts at $3400 and includes a day of slide show, online gallery, the digital images with printing rights and everything else is completely custom tailored to your needs--we don't want anyone stuck with something they don't need and therefore let you be the one to pick and choose from all of our options. Please fill out a contact form for more information and to get the ball rolling on your own personal proposal for your wedding day!



Imagine this...my boyfriend Joey of many years gets down on one knee and asks if I will spend the rest of my life with him. What was my answer? I think it was something like this, "Absolutely yes! Oh my gosh, now I can finally call MKD!". From reading their blog religiously to seeing pictures of friends' weddings captured by MKD, Joey and I knew that there would be no other team than the highly regarded Mike and Kate duo that we would want to help us remember our special day. You will not be disappointed with the spectacular quality of their work, their level of client engagement and professionalism, nor the deep passion they have for their craft. Next to deciding to marry my husband that warm day in June, selecting MKD Photography to capture our big day was the best choice I made in all of our wedding planning.


Peter and I have received an overwhelming amount of compliments on our engagement & wedding photographs. It truly brings our special day to life every time we look at them. The photos exceeded our expectations and we could not have been happier with our choice in photographers. Mike & Kate have a warm welcoming personality that makes you feel at ease in front of the camera. From our engagement shoot to our wedding day, they were right there to answer any questions or concerns I had and make me feel at ease. I am ever grateful for their expertise and for placing our memories in their hands; they didn’t miss a single moment. Thank you does not seem to say enough for the wonderful memories that they captured for us. I can honestly say that when you look at their portfolio and see the beautiful sample pictures that this is truly the product you’ll receive! My advice to anyone in need of amazing photographers: Save yourself some time and book Mike & Kate!!!


We can not thank you enough for the amazing work you did for our wedding. I think the slideshow you sent us made every single person who saw it cry. There is actually a funny story behind your photography at our wedding... during the last slow song my husband and I were "taking it all in" and he told me that he was a little disappointed with the photographers. I was astonished and could not understand why, but he felt as though they were not around often enough taking the important pictures. Literally 5 seconds later we saw a teaser slideshow of the wedding photos on a laptop on the DJ table. We both could NOT believe our eyes! You two were always getting the best pictures... we just didn't notice you were there! You two have such a natural hands off approach to your photography that you do not even notice you are there. The pictures you took will last us a lifetime of fond memories. Hiring you two was the best choice I could have made!


Having MKD photograph our wedding was without a doubt one of the best decisions we made. Mike and Kate were warm and friendly from the first meeting, and put us at ease at once. Our engagement shoot was a ton of fun (eating ice cream at 9am is always a good time!) and really allowed us to become even more comfortable with them. We never felt like we were being pressured or pitched like we felt from other photographers, and felt the value of our photos was outstanding. Guests remarked they barely noticed Kate and Mike at the wedding but were SO impressed with the slideshow display set up during our reception with the photos they'd shot so far. It was definitely a highlight! It's not often you can say you remain in touch with a vendor from your wedding, but we loved meeting Kate and Mike so much we look forward to Facebook posts and Christmas cards. I find myself thinking of new scenarios for having photos taken and can't wait for another round-- it's time to add some new MKD photos to our frames!


Oh, the flowers, the cake, the invitations, the band... By far, MKD Photography was the shining star at our wedding. We were absolutely blown away by our photographs! Originally, our expectations of a photographer was someone who could freeze some memories of our special day. We certainly got more than we bargained for! Kate and Mike painted the story of our wedding day with an artistic array of candid and posed photographs. EVERY person who viewed our wedding photographs commented on our talented photographers. Kate and Mike knew where to be and which shots to take. Also, they were totally fun and easy-going! Even though our wedding has passed, I consistently check mkdphotography.com because I enjoy seeing their latest work (and get chills watching the slide shows of couples I don't even know!) Their progressive style and creativity continues to impress me. I recommend them to every engaged couple I know or meet!

-Jennifer and Doug


MKD photography is absolutely amazing. Kate and Mike have more of a photo-journalistic style than the standard formal pictures. We really liked the artistic viewpoint they present in their work. It was challenging to narrow down our favorites since there were so many great pictures! We immediately felt at ease and comfortable around Kate and Mike. They quickly got a sense of our style and were able to present this in the pictures. Our wedding photos are true snapshots of how we felt that day. I had a great time working with MKD photography before, during and after the wedding. We really enjoyed their personalities and how they captured every moment without being obtrusive. Overall, we were very happy with MKD photography and love our wedding pictures.


Mike and I are super excited that there are amazing wedding planning websites like Wedding Wire and The Knot out there so that people can search, review, and recommend vendors! We have been very fortunate to have a wonderful wild-fire of referrals that have brought us where we are today--and it is this word of mouth between friends, blogs, and internet forums that we will be forever grateful to have the clients we have!

For some real time reviews of our work please visit: MKD Photography on Wedding Wire or on The Knot!

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